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Nice to e-meet you!

My name's Camilla, I'm a friendly people-person, currently active as a Production Manager as well as a Freelance Video Editor."Fix-it-in-post" just happens to be my jam.

I have, over the past ten years, worked for companies such as Disney, LEGO, Cisco Systems, A Cloud Guru (Pluralsight), Cloud Academy (QA Ltd.) and many more. I've gained a great deal of experience in the post-production industry across a diverse range of projects and roles including camera work, photography and extensive post-production work, mainly specializing in video editing. I've scored a Master's Degree in Filmmaking, specializing in Post-production.

The Adobe Creative Cloud headquarters is where I feel at home and I feel confident my experience and abilities will provide a positive influence in any project I take on.

Should you require any further information (or have any good riddles you need help figuring out), please do not hesitate to
get in touch with me  - good or bad, I look forward to having a chat.

With kind regards,


(Friendly Video Editing Wizard)

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